Life Story

Born In the harsh desert valley of Mecca in Arabia, orphaned at an early age and raised initially by his grandfather and then by His paternal Uncle. Despite the disadvantages of being an orphan in a hostile environment, Muhammad grew up to be a strong, kind and exemplary human being.

Historians and orientalist scholars have spent their careers researching Muhammad and his message, and while they may disagree fundamentally with the claim to Prophethood, they do acknowledge the extraordinary impact his personality has made upon the world we live in.

His impact on History  is summarised beautifully by the respected Scottish Historian William Montgomery Watt:

The more one reflects on the history of Muhammad and of early Islam, the more one is amazed at the vastness of his achievement. Circumstances presented him with an opportunity such as few men have had, but the man was fully matched with the hour. Had it not been for his gifts as seer, statesman, and administrator and, behind these his trust in God and firm belief that God had sent him, a notable chapter in the history of mankind would have remained unwritten  (W. Montgomery Watt, Muhammad at Medina, p. 336)

Other quotes by non-Muslims may be found under According to Scholars section

The reader is invited to further research the biography of this Arabian messenger who transformed savages into nobleman, and slave girls into princesses, comprehensive insight is offered in the e-books available in the Free Download section of this website, we hope you find them interesting and they help you decide what you think About Muhammad.