An Inspiration

Roof_of_Al-Masjid_al-NabawiThe Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) – the perfect exemplar, the prince of peace, the pride of the universe – whose life was immaculate and whose character unimpeachable, came into the world as a mercy for all mankind. Yet, for centuries, the opponents of Islam have consistently ignored all that was patently good, noble and beneficent in his life, example and teachings and have attempted to portray him, God forbid, as blood-thirsty and violent. Crude
and offensive caricatures and cartoons have been produced in books and newspapers to demonstrate their malice and brazen attitude towards the Holy Prophet (saw). Our Beloved Prophet (saw) has also been greatly misrepresented by some of his own followers, both in medieval and present times, who have committed enormities and monstrous crimes in his fair name.

It is a great distinction of the Holy Prophet (saw) that the very religion he founded bears a name the literal meaning of which is “peace”. The word “Islam” indicates the very essence of the religious system known by that name. The teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) guarantee and establish peace at all levels and in all spheres: individual, social, economic, national and international.
One who becomes a Muslim not only enters a safe haven but also guarantees it for others. The Holy Prophet (saw) defined a Muslim as one whose word or deed cause no harm to others. ‘Peace’ is the greeting of Muslims and ‘Peace’ shall also be the greeting of the dwellers of Paradise.